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An SaaS platform-driven marketplace for specific categories of local service providers to connect with consumers.


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For your business

Use WAY today to boost productivity, spend less and save more in your business. Management, Booking, Calendar, Reports and Payment all in one app.

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Service bookings done better than ever

Looking for your next appointment with a local barber, hair stylist, massage therapist or nail artist? Need appointment booking for a beard trim, an eyebrow wax, or a deep tissue massage?

WAY is a free beauty scheduling app and makes appointments easy to find and book within seconds. No more phone tag. Book anytime, from anywhere, 24/7.

Discover top businesses in your area and book instantly with WAY.



Filter your search for nearby services

Enhance your search with our advanced filters. Easily sort services by location, type, ratings, and price. Find exactly what you need, faster and with precision.



Discover a world of exceptional services with our Marketplace. Browse and book with ease, enjoying a curated selection of top-notch providers ready to meet your every need with excellence and a personal touch.


Online Booking

Discover the ease of Online Booking! Our user-friendly interface connects you with a variety of outstanding service providers, enabling you to schedule the perfect service at your convenience with just a few clicks.



The Maps feature is designed to help users effortlessly locate service providers in their vicinity. It offers a user-friendly interface with real-time location tracking, making it simpler to find and navigate to nearby services, whether it's dining, repairs, or personal care.


Utilize our Favourites feature to easily bookmark your preferred service providers. This convenient tool allows you to quickly access and organize your top choices, ensuring a personalized experience and saving time for future bookings.


Making Payments

Experience hassle-free transactions with our secure and swift payment system, designed for your convenience. Enjoy a variety of payment options that ensure a smooth checkout after enjoying top-notch services from our awesome providers.

Ratings and Reviews

Share your experiences and help build a vibrant community of service users. Rate and review service providers to provide valuable feedback and help others make informed decisions. Your opinion matters!


Personalised Recommended Services

Using AI, we provide using with personalised recommended of services around them and based on their needs



Connect instantly with service providers using our friendly Messaging feature. Chat in real-time, get your queries answered, and enjoy a seamless service selection process, all within the WAY platform.

Turn on Location

Get recommendations of great businesses! Always turn on location services so we can show you what's nearby.

Turn on location

A Comprehensive Overview of Your Bookings and Services

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Overview 1